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Loopit makes it easy to share, browse, and curate day trip adventures. We streamline your travel inspiration searching and planning process.

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Come see other people's daytrip experience! On Loopit, you can find all the attractions, scenic spots, and hidden gems that people have visited during their daytrip!! Find out how people spend their day and get inspired to take on your own adventure!!

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See other's experience, and make your own adventure! Explore other's daytrip stops while you plan your own. Loopit shows all the possibility on an interactive map that makes your travel planning stress free and hassle free!

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The idea of travel experience matching stemmed when a group of roommates felt too lazy to put in the effort for their own weekend getaway trip planning. This spark of desire quickly grew into our passion and ultimately became our ambition.


The platform we aim to build will host the ultimate destination for travel experience sharing, where your full day of adventure can be easily organized and clearly presented. Readers not only can experience the world through pictures and text, but they can also follow the routes themselves, creating their own adventure and their own story.

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This website is just our Beta version, and we are aiming to build a mobile app. If you like this idea, join us and be the first to know when we launch our app!

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